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QT Magnetic Solutions designs and manufactures magnetic couplings for many applications. We hold patents on innovative coupling designs that allow for a proven 75% increase in torque over traditional designs. This allows the coupling size to be greatly decreased - saving production costs and startup torque requirements. Whether you require vacuum seal couplings or pump couplings, we can help you get the performance your process demands. If you require optimization of an existing coupling, or full-scale design and development of a new product, QT Magnetic Solutions can provide assistance at all stages. We offer complete design analysis, prototyping and testing as well as the assurance that all production units are made to the same exacting standards as the first-article.


Vacuum couplings allow the rotary or linear manipulation of parts within a vacuum and eliminate the possible introduction of contaminants into a manufacturing process. Traditional processes call for mechanical contact through the manufacturing chamber wall, requiring a gasket or seal. These methods often prove insufficient within a high vacuum environment and require costly and constant maintenance. With a magnetic vacuum coupling, all the manipulation can be done externally using the magnetic fields. This means there is no breach in the wall of the manufacturing chamber and no chance of seal failure and resultant contamination.


Our custom designed pump couplings allow materials to be contained, manipulated, stirred and pumped using magnetic fields instead of mechanical contact. This eliminates the need for complicated part structures, pump designs and seals to handle corrosive and/or toxic chemicals - ensuring maintenance free containment and consistent, long term use.


Contact us to learn how we can help with your magnetic coupling project.

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