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QT Magnetic Solutions holds numerous patents, including designs on a unique Dipole assembly allowing for one percent field uniformity and a flux path parallel within two percent. GMR head producers regard our dipole assemblies as the most technically advanced in the industry. If you require optimization of an existing dipole or full-scale design and development of a new product, we can provide assistance at all stages. We offer complete design analysis, prototyping and testing as well as the assurance that all production units are made to same exacting standards as the first-article.


A Magnetic Dipole is made by utilizing two magnetic arrays, facing each other with opposite polarity (in attraction) and stabilizing the gap between the two poles. The resulting magnetic field is designed to have specific gauss and uniformity. Magnetic dipole assemblies are typically used in the manufacturing process of disk drive read-write heads. They are crucial in the domain alignment of read-write heads and in the plating process.


Contact us to learn how we can help you optimize your magnetic dipole application.

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